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Cycling training utilises local roads in the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean, and towards Usk and the Black Mountains.


Sundays: Group ride, this is a non coached ride, and is organised informally through the Facebook page, approx 3 hours with a huge variety of routes and paces to suit the group.


Additional Tuesday evening rides for a faster pace usually take place during the summer months.


Generally meet at the old Monnow Bridge at 8am.

Please email or check facebook page for confirmation!

The club ride has established itself as a fine tradition of Monmouth Tri Club. Almost whatever the weather, for the last few years a group ride has left Monnow Bridge every Sunday morning at 8:00am. We’ve survived any amount of rain, temperatures down to -7 degrees Centigrade, hail and even some sunshine.

The club ride is informal – so we welcome people who just want to see what we’re about, or riders from other clubs who happen to be in Monmouth. Do not be put off by the fact we are a Tri Club, the bikes are all road bikes and we now have some track and road racers coming out with us. In fact there are more of them on a Sunday morning that triathletes! We also ride like cyclists 😉

The rides are always cheerful, we help each other with punctures, and for the most part wait to regroup at the top of most hills. A different route is posted every week. Rides last about 3 to 4 hours, covering 60-80 miles and we nearly always stop for coffee and cake otherwise there would be a mutiny! Sometimes they’re hilly, other times flatter – but you can’t go far out of Monmouth without finding some fine hills! 

We are keen to help people get into the cycling. Each first Sunday of the month we also have a shorter social ride roughly lasting 90mins. Don't worry this also has a cake stop! We have lots of women too so don't be put off by thinking it's all men. Do please drop us a message even if you think it's a stupid question we are happy to help! 

It really is great training at a good speed, check out an example winter ride here:

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